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Private Placement Life Insurance For Hedge Funds

Investor Benefits of Private Placement Life Insurance:

Attracting investor capital, growing the fund & executing the investment strategy are your constant concerns. Incorporating an insurance dedicated fund solution to your current fund structure will:

• Attract greater investor capital
• Provide global investor exposure through the insurance carriers and international network of investors seeking tax efficient, protected and private investment opportunities
• Create and attract "sticky" investor capital because of the inherent tax efficiencies Incorporate any combination of 3 world class solutions to your current fund or for your new fund to provide 100% tax deferred and compounding investment growth for your investors and fund.

Fund Manager Benefits for the Fund & Investors:

• Distinguish yourself, your fund, your strategy from the "pack" by offering 100% tax deferred compounding growth to your investors, thereby increasing your AUM under your existing investment strategy

Personal Benefits for the Fund Manager:

• Hedge Fund managers can have their deferred compensation wrapped, giving you the same benefits shared by your investors, while providing tax deferred compounding growth and tax free death benefits to your estate while you manage your deferred compensations funds