Oh Henry!

Live at Biba’s The Henry Robinett Group Jazz 4 Vets

Sunday January 26. 2020 5:00-9:00 

Henry Tree guitar



2801 Capitol Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95816

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HRG Susan Chapman Riverside group for Natsoulas

The Henry Robinett at John Natsoulas Gallery Saturday October 12 at 4:00.  FREE. 

We’re back at the Riverside Cafe August 22nd!

The Henry Robinett Group plays prisons - 

July 4th at Mule Creek 

June 7 at Sierra Conservation Center 

HRG Riverside HR photo 7

Tickets in advance through evitebrite

HRG Riverside 2 HR photo 7

HRG Debut poster 2

Five Guitars play jazz guitar masters

Five Guitars featuring Henry Robinett, Steve Homan, Doug Pauly, Alycin Yaffe and Elias Lucero on guitars. Also Rob Lemas on bass and Jeff Minnieweather drums.  October 29 2018 at The Sacramento Masonic Auditorium. 1123 J Street, Sacramento, Ca 95814 7:00-9:00

Carol's Books gig

The Henry Robinett Group at Carol’s Bookstore October 20th. 

1913 Del Paso Blvd. 2-3:30. Free. Jeff Minnieweather drums, Kerry Kashiwagi bass, and Alex Aguis on keyboard. 


California Lawyers for the Arts October 13, 2018

CSUS Alumni Center



Reggie Graham and Henry Robinett Clara Oct 12, 2018

Henry and Reggie Graham Trio Friday Oct 12, 2018

CJP Mulgrew Miller

Capital Jazz Project August 14, 2018

Poster SJC Mingus CJP May 14 2018

Capital Jazz Project May 14th

Yours truly is preparing all of the music for this concert.  Mingus was very near and dear to my heart, especially as an up and coming, budding jazz musician.  So this is a very special treat for me.  I don’t think a lot of people do his music justice.  It’s HARD.  But that’s not the only thing.  He had what I call elastic time. That’s my word for it.  I’m not sure I’ve heard anyone else describe it like that. I’m hoping we can do him some justice.  I hope to see you there!

The Henry Robinett Quartet Feb 28 (private) at The Sheraton CIO Academy. Jacam Manricks, Rob Lemas and Cameron Womack. 

CJP Passing the torch poster

The New Capital Jazz Project Feb 25 with the original group on the SAME BILL!

5 Guitars January 22, 2018

January 22nd 5 Guitars with Steve Homan and others jazz blues. 

December 16th at John Natsoulas Gallery 7-9

HRG Mango's 12-9-17 update

December 9, 2017 Mango’s

With Jacam Manrick’s and Rob Lemas at 3301 C Street UCD 5-7

SJC Henry digs in with Jeff

Nov 10 John Natsoulas Gallery Davis, Ca. 7-9. 

Henry Robinett Quintet Antiquite July 3 2017

7/3/17  Antiquite Midtown  Sacramento. 

June 10, 2017 Station One 

May 12 2017 Station 1 West Sacramento

Henry Robinett Station 1

8/23 Saturday Jazz Organ Trio Marriot Hotel Napa 5-8

7/26 Jazz Organ Trio Marriot Hotel Napa 5-8. 

6/12 - 6/22 Solo Guitar on cruise ship Freewinds for Maiden Voyage!

5/30 - UCD Mondavi Solo Guitar

5/18 Memorial for Mel Nelson Sacramento Scientology Org 1-3. 

5/18/14 Capital Jazz Project - In The Flow Unitarian Church 7PM.

5/4/14 Nashville Memorial for Mel Nelson Celebrity Center

4/27/14 Monty's Lounge 6 PM with Marty Holland, Jim Wendt and Eric Everette

4/12/14  Capital Public Radio - duet with Rob Lemas

2/26/14  Henry Robinett Jazz Quartet California CIO Academy - Sheraton, Sacramento

11/24  Reggie Graham Trio featuring Henry Robinett at Harlows 6:30 to 8

11/22 Beth Duncan Trio 7-10 at Zinfandel Grille 2384 Fair Oaks Blvd

11/21/13 Improvisation Clinic at Gold Lion Arts is at 2733 Riverside Blvd, south of Broadway. 7-9. $10

10/5/13 Reggie Graham Trio featuring Henry Robinett at The Brickhouse Art Gallery. 8-10 PM. 2837 36th Street, Studio 9, Sacramento, California 95817

10/3/13 Jazz and Jokers Reggie Graham Trio featuring Henry Robinett

9/29/13 Capital Jazz Project at JB's Lounge

9/22/13 Trio Mondavi Center

8/30/13 Marriot Napa trio with Alan U'Ren and Wayne DeLaCruz

8/25/13 Sunday at JB's Lounge with Scott Jepperson, Joe Gilman. 

8/24/13 Henry Robinett Quartet Jokers and Jazz Folsom - CANCELED!

8/23/13 Marriot Napa trio with Kendrick Freeman and Wayne DeLaCruz

8/22/13 Henry Robinett Quartet Jokers and Jazz Folsom - CANCELED!

8/20/13 Henry Robinett Quartet The Firehouse

8/16/13 Marriot Napa trio with Alan U'Ren and Tim Campbell

3/23/13 Henry Robinett Group @ Sol Collective, 2574 21st St, Sacto 95818

2/7/13 3:30-6:00 Sheraton Hotel, Sacramento 

1/10 Antiquite Maison Privee 7:00 - 9:00 PM Capital Jazz Project

9/10/12  7:30 - 9:30 Luna's Cafe Guitars At Lunas - Solo Guitar

10/21/12 JB's Lounge 5:00 - 7:00 The Henry Robinett Group

11/9/12  Natomas Charter School 7:00-9:00 Capital Jazz Project

11/11/12 JB’s Lounge 5:00-7:00 Capital Jazz Project© Henry Robinett 2012