Studio Bohemia used to do remote recording!

What is remote recording? It's any time you record any place other than a recording studio. It's done at your convenience. It could be your rehearsal room, or at a school or home that has a great piano, or a great sounding room, concert hall or club performance. We've done them all! If you have a living room you want to record in, or a bathroom, a conference hall, a club performance, be it rock n roll, jazz, classical, a seminar or meeting we can meet your needs. 

Old Remote rig

We boast up to 42 pristine, high end channels of audio I/O!! We've never been required to use that many channels to record but we've tested it out. If you're crazy enough to need it we have it. That's four Metric Halo ULN-8s for 32 channels ultra high end signal, mic pres, Plus a ULN-2 for two great additional channels and another 8 with the Millennia HV-3D going into the Metric Halo. 


This was for two jazz bands, the Capital Jazz Project, and the Brubeck Institute Fellows, with a string orchestra! That's 26 tracks! 


Michael Bittner manning the controls. 


Rehearsal before the concert. This is the prestigious Brubeck Institute Fellows with the ARC string orchestra. 

This is a recent classical recording for tenor Darron Flagg and Three Stages in Folsom, California. 

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