Newest additions. HEDD Type 20 MK 2 monitors plus the o8 Sub.


Can’t have enough great hardware reverb and effects!

Bricasti M7

Bricasti M7 v2


Lexicon PCM92



 goes with my PCM 91

Top of the line hardware digital reverbs! It’s nice to sing or play and have some great reverb dialed into your phones.  And to have the best reverbs for mixing.  There’s a difference, I don’t care what anybody says, between computer plugins and the real deal.  I have the best plugins too.  It was a hard lesson.  There’s a clarity, transparency and 3 dimensional quality to the hardware.  

Microphones!! You can’t have enough great mics!! I just got a couple of world class, considered by many as the BEST vocal mic on the planet.  The Bock 251 and the AEA 44CE!

Bock 251 and AEA 44CE 1
AEA 44CE in hand brand new
Bock 251-4

Both mics are fresh out of the box!

Other recent microphone acquisitions are the Sennheiser MD 441, considered as the BEST dynamic mic.  I am using it on snare, replacing the SM57. Also The Peluso TR-14 active tube mic, giving me two of these great ribbons.  Now I have 6 amazing ribbon mics! Currently I’m using them on toms, positioned so the reject the cymbals. Also a pair of the classic EV RE16 dynamics.  

Now this isn’t very high-end but I also just got Auratone 5C small reference monitors. These balance out mixing on my NHTPro M-00s and S-00 sub, and the classic EV Sentry 100As. 

Auratone 5C Pair-large

Fractal Audio Axe Fx III.  

I got this to replace my Axe Fx II XL+. Call me crazy.  This box has really helped me get the tones I need live and in the studio. For now this is racked in my studio. I love it.  Sue me.  No tubes, but it doesn’t sound like no tubes. 


Fractal FM3! This is kind of a floor version of the Axe Fx III. I run it with two XiTone active 1-12 wedges. These, two guitars and a few cables is all I’ll need to play live on the road. Throw the FM3 in a carry on, put one or two of the Xitone wedges on the plane with Slipcover.


ULN-8 Picture

I use the remarkable Metric Halo ULN-8 interface. I have 6 of them! I split them up between two studios, or recording a band live with my remote rig. I also have a Metric Halo ULN-2 to augment the set. The pres in these boxes are amazing, as is the conversion.  I find I need far less hardware. So I've been getting rid of the excess.  But I cannot do without:

The Millennia HV-3D. 8 channels of pristine mic pres

The Millennia TD-1 swiss army knife DI.  The most high end DI on the planet. It also has the HV-3 micpre, tube or solid state at the flip of a switch, great 2 band EQ, reamp technology and great routing options. 

Fractal FC-12 foot controller used to control the Axe Fx III racked in the control room. 


LF and pedalsa

MIssion central control for this modern jazz guitarist. I’m actually using the LF+12+ to control Ableton Live 10 now. For live playing I’m using the AX8 with 2 expression pedals. In the studio I use the Axe Fx III with the FC-12 foot controller. PLUS 3 expression pedals. 

Pedal Board 3-B

And this is the newest addition to the family - the FAMC LF+12+ midi foot controller.  Next to it on the left, is a Mission SP-1 , on the right of the LF+12+ are two Boss FV-500L Expression pedals. For the live rig I’m using 2 Fractal EV-1 pedals.  This is to control all of the wonderful parameters of the Fractal Axe Fx II (now Ableton Live 10 - experimenting!). It has no effects in it itself. Right now I'm only using three pedals. I have a fourth one I couldn't fit on the board, and for me right now, it's overkill. The little foot switch is for tapping out tempos for the delays. Look, hands free Mom!

Gear rack 1
HR head on left with gear

34 tracks of goodness! I don't know when I'll need to record that many tracks all at once, but if I do I'm ready. Here is my studio rack of ULN-8s, and Millennia. I'm a happy man. 

My Guitars

                    Here are my guitars! My bevy of beauties! 


OK, I'm told by my wonderful assistant that it's completely unprofessional for me to show my dogs in the background.  There's one dog missing.  Maybe that's the problem. Here is my main axe, the '78 Gibson ES-355. 

ES-355 and Green Strat

My two main electric guitars: 1978 Gibson ES-355 and a 1987 Fender Strat Plus with Clapton circuitry. 

Tommy R Telecaster

This is a great Telecaster style Guitar made exclusively for me my the great Tommie Shorter. It's quickly moving in as one of my main guitars as well!

Tommie R Maybe Tuesday

This is another Tommie Shorter guitar I call "Tuesday,"  since Maybe Tuesday was the first song I recorded with it.© Henry Robinett 2012