Studio samples of an audio engineer's life

Janis Kelly

Janis Kelly is a wonderful singer and songwriter living in Colorado. We recorded a yet to be released CD last year.  Rob Lemas is on bass, Jeff Minnieweather on drums and Janis is singing and playing keyboards on "Go Ahead and Love." I played guitar and came up with all those little guitar parts. On “ Trust In Loves Promise," Doug Matson plays keys and Janis' daughter sings background. 

CJP Portrait of Clifford

I've recorded all of CJP's CD, and mixed and mastered this one as well.  This features this great Bobby Shew on trumpet.

Linga Regan Something cover


I recorded, arranged, played on and produced this CD for the great Linda Regan. 

Christina Ayala

Christina Ayala bw

Once In Awhile and Unbelievable

The Road cover


The Road

A special project I did, with my remote studio, was the California State Prison at Folsom recording and mixing/mastering of the double CD entitled The Road. It is a work about the life of Jesus, composed by inmate Marty Williams.  He's the 12 string guitarist and principle singer, and I'm proud to say a former student of mine when I taught there. Many of these guys were students of mine. I went in with my mics, laptop and a Metric Halo ULN-8 over the course of a week and recorded them. This was a remarkable challenge, through suspicious guards, lock downs and envious inmates on the yard. Jim Carlson, artist facilitator, and one of the men who hired me those many years, deserves the credit for seeing this thing through. These men are more than likely never getting out. They're all "lifers" and I love them all. Listen to the optimism in these songs, especially on Hallelujah. This is expected to be available on CD in June 2012. All proceeds going to victims a rights organization.  Listen to three tracks here


The following are CDs I've mixed and mastered at Art House Sound. 

Gilman Relativity205

Joe Gilman

Americanvas cover

Joe Gilmans

Relativity released 2012

Joe Gilman

Americanvas released 2011

Gossip and Red, Yellow, Blue

Since 2007 I've been the principle mixing and mastering engineer for the prestigious Brubeck Institute. 

BIJQ 2010-2011 cover


Nicksolydian and Gravity

The Brubeck Institute Jazz Quintet

BIJQ 2007-2008 cover

BIJQ 2006-2007 cover© Henry Robinett 2012