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Robinett Mountains
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This is my fist release in several years. It’s in many ways my most personal and ambitious, and my best. A lot of amazing things have transpired in those intervening years. Those things have, in part, been reflected in this album. 

I hope you guys like it. I’d love to release some more CDs! I love this CD and the remarkable musicians who played on it. 

The musicians: 

Joe Gilman

Joe Gilman

I’ve known Joe longer than almost anyone. One of my very best friends. He joined my band when he was still a student at Indiana University, then while he was getting his masters form Eastman. He recorded my first three CDs and played in my band for about 5 years. He has a wonderful musical sense, regardless style. Just plays with his heart and mind. 

Tom Brechtlein

I’ve known Tom for a little while. We have mutual friends and I had always vowed to play with him. I love his playing. I used to listen to him play with Robben Ford. Remarkable taste and versatility. He’s been with Kenny Loggins for years. He’s played and recorded with Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, two of my biggest hero and inspirations. He’s a busy man widely considered among top tier of Drummers. As a matter of fact he was voted as such in Drummerworld. Top 500!  I think he’s in the top 10. 

Josh Thurston-Milgrom

I’d never played before with Josh. He showed up the day of our two days of recording. We shook hands and we played. Great bass player. Great guy. I appreciated him so much making the sacrifice to come to Sacramento and play this music. Thank you!

Rob Lemas - 

Rob has been in my band for some years. He’s also a remarkable business man. He owns Bassmods. He makes boutique electric basses and has an online shop that caters specifically to the bass player. He’s been a solid and dependable band mate and a great musician. Thank you Rob!  

Dominic Edward Garcia

Dominic Edward Garcia bw

I love Dominic’s musical sense. He’s a selfless player who finds exactly what to play. Great energy. Thank you!

And of course here’s my way too long bio. I need to work on a smaller, shorter one.© Henry Robinett 2012