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The Henry Robinett Group is an original instrumental band dedicated to doing music with less boundaries than straight ahead jazz. It has elements of latin, pop, where the song takes front seat, but hopes to not compromise it's integrity. But we also do straight ahead jazz! There have been four CDs released world-wide. The band has found a home on radio across the globe and has boasted several sets of great musicians.


The personnel has changed over the years. From the beginning there was Dave Buehler, Eric Heilman, Rick Lotter, Erik Kleven, Joe Gilman, Darryl C. Anders, Jeff Chimenti, Aaron Garner, Mike McMullen, Scott Barnhill, Darius Babazadeh, Alan U’Ren, Nelson Braxton, Alex Murzyn, John R. Burr, Sam “Mombo” Hernandez, Alan Hall, Art Hirahara, Rob Lemas, Jeff Minnieweather, Scott Collard, all in various configurations over the years.


We’re still looking for that elusive drummer . . .  although my friend, the amazing Tom Brechtlein did the most recent I Have Known Mountains album with us! He's is simply amazing! He was joined by the incomparable Joe Gilman, Josh Thurston-Milgrom, Rob Lemas and Jacosa Limutau. 

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