The old Studio Bohemia

I’m looking for a new name for the studio.  I don’t think “Studio Bohemia fits the same vibe.  Henry’s Place is under consideration.  Henry’s Room, The Woodshed, The Real Deal are also under consideration. 

UNDER CONSTRUCTION.  A brand new STUDIO.  I’ll post pictures and give updates as time marches on! The one below is gone!

BELOW IS OLD and defunct.

Studio Bohemia is my tracking room. It's comfortable enough to nap in. I can testify to this. 

To hear examples of people I've recorded, mixed and/or mastered, click on this link.

Studio Bohemia Purple Booth and sofa
Studio Bohemia purple booth
Studio Bohemia sofa
Studio Bohemia control with guitar
Studio Bohemia Drum corner and control

Studio Bohemia is, well bohemian. Comfortable. The control room and the drum room, tracking room are all the same.© Henry Robinett 2012