Jazz Standards Volume 2 Then Again 

"Robinett is an exceptional jazz guitarist, one of the very few around today who I will go out of my way to listen to. Highly recommended!”Lynn Rene Bayley of The Art Music Lounge

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“Henry Robinett has a light, precise touch on his guitar strings. As a lover of ‘swing’ and bebop, I am drawn to Henry Robinett’s music like a fish to water. I find a comfort level swimming in his clearly defined melodies and soaking up his rich improvisations. Every tune becomes a favorite and each arrangement is brilliantly highlighted by the gold-plated excellence of these musicians.” By Dee Dee McNeil / Jazz Journalist

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“Some of the most superbly swinging, accessible jazz you’ve ever listened to… my choice for personal favorite is “Milestones”… the quartet infuses this tune with an original energy that will make you come back to listen again and again…” By Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews

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“Vol. 1 is a winner, a masterful outing from a very talented jazz guitarist. Vol. 2 is equally intriguing and is consistent enough with the first volume that this could have been released as a double album. After you hear these two volumes, you’ll be anxious for the rest, just like me.”

Marc Phillips of  Part-Time Audiophile

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